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                                online gallery, which I dedicate to my dearest life companion, Connie,  who passed on last year. In Swahili “Karibuni” means, “Everyone is Welcome!”. I do this to celebrate the welcome we received over 14 wonderful years from 1968 to 1982  when we lived and worked in Nairobi Kenya. Connie organized photographic safaris and I taught and practised medicine at the newly developing University Medical School.

            Recently I have felt a need to communicate the scope of my paintings and drawings over a lifetime. It is not an unusual desire later in life to look back on the totality of your artistic journey, but  exhibitions embracing this concept are a rarity. The fact that I am old now, and in the presence of the coronavirus, with its resulting universal constraints, has set me thinking about a digital cyber-venue exhibition. My friend and fellow photographic artist Terry Manzo kindly joined  me in creating this opportunity. What you will see is gathered into 3 major periods of Canada, in Kenya, in Italy,..... each with a brief explanation of the specific circumstances implied, and the sources of inspiration during those adventures, as well as some pertinent facts that led to the adventure itself.It is a great pleasure to have you visit the gallery and to share my artistic journey with you. If  you have found it an enjoyable occasion please suggest this opportunity to a friend!

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