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In September 1996 I was in my studio in Caledon reading an art magazine, on the final page of which was a short offer, viz. “ How would you like to study Renaissance drawing and painting techniques in Florence?” What a stupid question! ......I was hooked! The offer was for a month...... in August, the hottest month, when most Italians rush to the beaches etc. Negotiations with Connie were happily supportive,.... with modifying clauses, ...and that became our annual arrangement for nearly 20 years. For an artist to live and learn in that temple of Art is beyond my words, and being absorbed into the company of enthusiasts and practitioners of Art, beyond gratitude. I studied in the summer courses at the Florence Academy of Art  with a Maestra, wonderful painter Signora Simona Dolci, a huge privilege and a dear friend. I am indebted to the professionalism and gracious generosity of the many models who worked with me and became my close friends, Alessio, Gea, Luca, MariaVirginia, Giancarlo e tutti altri! They are all professionals and generously collaberative in the more lengthy creative process required to render the portrait. Humour and friendship plays a meaningful part in this shared experience. I hope you can find the way to enter into this special relationship between artist and model in contemplation of my portraits.

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