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Drawing and Painting and Music have been my passions from childhood and throughout my life, even while studying to be a doctor, and then, just as intensely, while in practice as a clinician and teacher at the University of Nairobi Medical School. I was always painting, drawing, and humming at available times! Born in September 1936 in Toronto, and educated at University of Toronto Schools (UTS), I graduated in Medicine from the University of Toronto in 1960. Postgraduate studies at the Montreal General Hospital/ McGill University resulted in a Fellowship in Internal medicine ( FRCP) in 1966, followed by the position in Kenya (1968-82) at the developing medical school. When we returned to Ontario in 1982, I made the decision to retire from Medicine and pursue art full time, encouraged by Connie, and by personal conversations with A.Y. Jackson, who became a friend in 1965 through a shared unforgettable adventure. ( see later!). In 1989 I was elected to the Ontario Society of Artists, and eventually became President of that important and culturally historical Canadian Society. I have been so blessed with good fortune, great role models, and wonderful friendships and am so very grateful to all who opened these doors of opportunity for me, most especially to my wife and to my family. 

               The paintings and drawings are all done in the presence of the models and on site. I prefer not to use photographs. Many of the people  generous enough to engage in the process are not professionals, and many, as you will appreciate later, are sceptical and with understanding have but a short time to give. The results are valid but may seem unfinished. Usually the encounter results is the  human sharing in an enjoyable experience. I hope you will find it so!

The Journey: Bio
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