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 Kenya!........ I cannot imagine an experience more completely enchanting,... a child's first wonders and engagement restored in an adult. For Connie and for me it has been the greatest and most awesome of privileges, working professionally with the people in a respectful, vulnerable, and intimate fellowship which is shared by doctor, artist and teacher ; connecting with the spectacular displays of Nature, of birds and animals. Moments lived fully! This selection is but a small portion from what was an explosion of work over the 14 years of the contract, as well as from return visits every 4 to 5 years. People in central Kenya and folk on the island of Lamu  off the northeast coast of Kenya in the Indian Ocean, our most sought after vacation destination, form the bulk of this presentation. Animal drawings abound in my Safari sketchbooks! Enjoy these moments that are so immediate in my memory and feelings, and were such a gift to us.


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